Jump Along

Help the frog jump along lily pads to eat all the flies! Straight forward gameplay and bright visuals create a relaxing environment that is suitable for all ages. Simple puzzles are easy enough to be picked up at anytime, but hard enough to keep you interested. Sit back and enjoy the 96 fun levels!

-Editor Picked by 10BestApps.com


Run and jump your way to the flag. A fun and challenging side scroller. 84 free levels!

Kill More Zombies

Kill More Zombies throws you into an abandoned city with endless legions of zombies. How long can you survive?

Press Kit

Contact Information

I'm a developer located just outside of Pittsburgh. If you need to get in contact with me, I'm already on a variety of social media sites.



I strive to fix any issues and answer any questions that come up. Send me an issue if you find one.


I have a slew of knowledge in development for iOS, Android, and other systems. I'd be excited to hear any new collaborative opportunities.